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The best thing about golf is that it is a game for everyone – and a game at which everyone can get better.

This is the philosophy underpinning the work of ProJAm, an organisation which, as our name suggests, embraces Professionals, Juniors and Amateurs.

Back in 2000, when Tiger Woods won the US Open by a staggering 15-shot margin, the then World No 1 wasted no time in saying that he would carry on working at his game; that he believed there was always room for improvement.

With this in mind, ProJAm has coined the phrase ‘Strive for 55’ by way of expanding golfing minds. In ProJAm’s view, all too many of today’s young players have been reared on the notion that a golfer has arrived when he starts shooting his first sub-par rounds.

At ProJAm, our highly-qualified staff pride themselves on helping everyone – total beginners to Professionals- to focus on the right way ahead.

Neil Connolly – Director

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