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Your Key People

There are fundamental characteristics which surround the 4 Key people.

  • First and foremost you have to believe that they are worth the effort.
  • They have to communicate in a manner which you understand.
  • The instructor should always have a history of developing players to the standard you want to achieve.
  • Your expert needs to respect your aspirations and believe in them.

The 4 Key People to your success are:

  1. A Swing Instructor – A sound and well trained golf instructor who uses video playback. It is also very helpful if the instuctor has a history of developing players who stick with him/her.
  2. A Biomechanics expert – It is very important that this individual has specialised in golf. After all, we are special!!
  3. A Sports Psychologist – Again, it is important that they specialise in golf.
  4. You – You are the most important person in this whole process. If you are driven to succeed. If you believe you can do it – you can do it!

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